We Are Excited About The Tour!

Hi Everyone, just two weeks to go now before the Pop/Gospel tour begins, and we are all excited here at Cliff…As If. We have been rehearsing very hard to make sure that everyone who sees the show has lots of fun, but also takes something special in their hearts away with them. We would appreciate all of your prayers as we embark on this venture. Thanks to everyone for your support. We just couldn’t do it without you. As I write, I am siiting in my garden in the lovely sunshine, preparing the final touches to the content if the show. It is wonderful to finally get some warm weather and to be able to relax in the company of the birds, squirrels, and the occasional pussy cat that strolls across my garden. A big part of me is feeling very sad about what has happened in Burma this past week. I’ll be getting my Christian Aid envelopes out with some urgency now in my road beacsue I know that they are very involved with the relief effort. This past week has been quite moving for many reasons, none the least than the anniversary service for the missing child Madeleine McCann whose family live in our village. I was given the privilege to lead the congregation in a prayer for Madeleine and her family,and it was very lovely and quite emotional. Please kepp in touch dear Friends. your love and care means so much to me, knowing that you are rooting for the team and I is a comforting thought. Lots of love, Will x

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