Hello and welcome once again to the latest news from Cliff…As If.

In this past week I had the privilege of visiting the UCB Radio and TV station in Stoke on Trent. It was quite an amazing time as I sat through an inspired church leaders meeting and then got the chance to meet several delegates, which presented me with the opportunity to promote the ‘Popsel’ gospel show.

I then gave quite an indepth interview to UCB Radio presenter Robbie Frawley. We discussed my work as a Cliff Richard impersonater, my Christian experience, and my personal life. The interview is due to go out this coming Monday (21st Feb) and Tuesday (22nd Feb) just after 11am. Just go to the following web site and you should be able to listen in.


UCB have said that they will let me have a copy of the interview so if you miss it don’t worry. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it downloaded here on the Cliff…As If web site.

Thank you again so much for looking in today. Your support and interest in ‘Cliff…As If’ is fantastic!

As Cliff sang in one of his songs, “may your troubles all be small ones, and your fortune 10 X 10.”


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  1. Val Williams on October 4, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    I listen to UCB and read the daily devotionals but missed the news that Will was on in February, I can’t find the interview in the archives. Did you post it anywhere on this site?


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