Tour- So Far So Good

Dear Friends,  Just a quick note to let you know how the tour is going. We are having lots of fun, and everywhere we have been so far has received us with great enthusiasm. We have been encouraged greatly by reports after each show of how much everyone has enjoyed it and there are calls to return to do it again. My new dancers from Vogue showstoppers have been excellent and have certainly added a great deal to the tour. I’d like to thank you all for your on-going support and prayers as we endeavour to do our very best. One of the thorns though has been our amplifier. It is starting to give us a few problems, and we need a new one really, so if anyone knows where we can get one at low cost and one that is quite powerful and in good condition then please let me know. Thanks again for all of your love, without the knowledge of it I would probably wilt under the busy schedule. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank BBC Radio Leicester for their support, which has given the tour lots of publicity and the good folk there have given us lots of BBC contacts around the UK. Especially Tony Wadsworth, Chris (top ten) Highton, Tim Wilkinson and John (sports) Sinclair. God bless you all richly. Will x

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