Top Cliff Lookalike

Hi dear friends,

It is so lovely for me to be quoted by many people as being “the top Cliff Richard lookalike.” The most recent has been in the latest issue of the very popular ‘Chat’ magazine on page 51. I must admit that I got quite a reaction from the Shadows when I went to the signing at HMV in Oxford Street, London on Monday 30th November. Hank Marvin shook my hand and said, “like the look.” I said to Hank in return, “we should do a gig sometime” and gave him my card. Cliff laughed at that one! It was lovely to be a part of the many 100’s of people that turned up. Once again I was privileged to have my photograph taken with lots of Cliff fans there.

The Christmas season is upon us and I am being kept busy with appearances and shows. I love this season so much as it brings me much joy. But there is a deep sadness in my heart due to the severe personal difficulties that I have had to face this year plus the death of my dear old dad, but I know that God has pulled me through and that makes me more determined to have a lovely Christmas this year, making it a time of thanksgiving.

I wish to thank all of my regular If ers for the love and regular messages of support. You have been so lovely and kind and may God richly bless you this Advent season. As soon as any news develops I will keep you informed, so please continue to look in to this blog.

Lots of peace and love,

Will xxx

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