The Cliff Richard & The Shadows Convention 2010

Hi and thanks for looking in today.

I wanted to update you on how the very 1st Cliff Richard & The Shadows Convention went for us on Sunday 27th June.

It turned out to be an amazing evening and if you are a fan of Cliff and/or The Shads you would have been in music heaven. It was great to work with such wonderful musicians and performers, and it was the first time that I had ever been able to sing alongside Simon Goodall and Jimmy Jemain, two of the worlds top Cliff tributes who both have amazing voices. I felt a bit in awe of them but they put me at ease and we all ended up getting on really well and hopefully establishing lasting friendships.

The Shadows tributes were fantastic and we were treated to various forms of band set ups from young Josh Doyle who is only 17 and plays the guitar with backing music, to The Shadowers whoe were a full band with surprise guests appearances from some famous names that have played with the real Shadows over the years.

The attendance was surpisingly good despite England playing Germany in the World Cup on the same day. The result of our endeavours turned out to be beter than England’s football team!!!

Considering it was the first one it seemed to be a success. The plan for next year we believe is that it will happen over a full weekend so let us know if you want to be there. Maybe we will be able to access some tickets through the organisers for Cliff… As If’s friends and fans.

We will be posting some pictures of the event soon and hopefully some video clips so please watch this space for details.

Lots of love and blessings to you,

Will and the Cliff As If team xx

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