The Cliff … As If Convention Team.

Hi dear Friends,

I am very pleased to announce that Mia, Anne and Ange will be on my team at the Cliff Richard and The Shadows Convention 27th June at Broxbourne Hall. They will be able to answer any questions, take bookings, and handle the Cliff… As If merchandise that will be available including my new gospel CD single ‘It Is No Secret’ that is going to be released this month. 

I’d like to thank my new team for their continued support over the past few years, and I feel so privileged to have you helping me out at what is to be a very exciting convention. I would also like to thank the regular visitors to my shows. I can’t believe just how far some people will travel just to see my tribute to Cliff. Your love and support is invaluable to me.  

Thank you for looking in today.

Love and peace, Will (Cliff … As If).

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