It’s been ten years since the concept of ‘Cliff… As If’ began and now here we are in 2017 looking back on a very eventful decade. ‘Cliff… As If’ is now one of the most used tribute acts in the UK and in the top three of Cliff Richard tributes. I must admit that at the beginning I never envisaged it becoming so popular. There are many people that have helped along the way and each one has played a valuable part in helping ‘Cliff… As If’ to get where it is today. Of course I have faced a few difficulties but I suppose that comes with any new venture. Fortunately the lows have been few and when they have come along I’ve tried to learn lessons and adapt them to make ‘Cliff… As If’ stronger and better. The support for ‘Cliff… As If’ has been tremendous. I’ve been pressed a few times in regards to starting a fan club but to be honest I would feel undeserving of such. I like to think that I have many good friends who contribute by attending my shows and keeping up to date with all things pertaining to ‘Cliff… As If’ on social media. The stories of the experiences I could write of could fill quite a big book but that may have to wait for another time but between the shows, the CliffaGrams and the PR/lookalike stuff I’ve been involved with there are hundreds of lovely and funny tales I could tell.

The one thing that I have never done is to ever expect that anyone owes me anything in this business. What I mean by that is I have worked hard to get ‘Cliff… As If’ out there and never just sat back expecting the work to come to me. I have taken nothing for granted and that won’t start now even though the name ‘Cliff… As If’ is well known within the tribute world. There are other good Cliff Richard tributes out there and I am pleased for any success that may come their way, but I refuse to rest on any reputation I may have gained and just sit back waiting for the phone to ring. Every booking is precious to me and those of you who have seen my shows will know how much effort I put into my act. Next year (2018) Sir Cliff Richard will be marking 60 years in the music business and  ‘Cliff As If’ is determined to be playing a part in those celebrations. I’ll be posting news very soon of some exciting things that I’m going to be involved in.

2017 has been the best year yet for ‘Cliff As If’ and bookings for 2018 are stacking up. I am simply overwhelmed by where we are at the present and can’t express enough my gratitude to everyone who follows me.

Thank you for looking in and reading this blog. I wish you well and hope that you will be able to see ‘Cliff… As If’ in action soon. Thanks too for all the letter, cards and emails that you send regularly.

Love and God bless,


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