Ruby Rainbows Tribute Night- A Great Success

Hi Friends and Fans, I am just starting to recover from the tribute show last night at the Rothley Centre, and getting around to finalising the amount raised. Our estimation is that we will have raised £1300, but there may be a bit more. I will let you all know as soon as it is counted and paid. I would really like to thank everyone who took part in making the show a success. A big thanks to the acts, Jack-L, Beat That, Dave Page aka Elvis, and Joanne Steel aka Kylie. You did a fantastic job, and lots of people have e mailed me to say how much they enjoyed your sets. A big thanks also to Malcolm the sound engineer, and Alex and Jonathan for the lights. To Mel Wilson for taking hundreds of photo’s, and to all the staff who managed to doors, did the raffle, and fed us all at Tea Time. Thanks also to Julie Mayer from Radio Leicester for announcing the winners of the raffle. Everyone did an amazing job, working very hard. No more so than Tim and James Wilkinson who had to stay to the bitter end with Malcolm and me to pack the truck.  I know that all of your labours will be well rewarded in many ways. We are all really looking forward to getting hold of the photo’s. I am sure some of you are too. Thanks also for all of the prayers and well wishes that came from all over the world for last night. Lots of love and power to you all, WILL xxx

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