Ruby Rainbows

Hi everyone, it is early on Saturday morning, and I have just got out of bed, reflecting on a nice evening performing with the Ruby Rainbows All Stars Band. Tony Wadsworth of BBC Radio Leicester had all the audience stirred up, and they responded well. I am sure that loads of cash was raised towards the Ruby Rainbows Appeal. I am looking forward to two further gigs with them in November. You might want to check out the BBC Radio Leicester web site for dates. This week has been tainted with the sadness of Cliff’s mother passing away, although clearly she has been suffering for some time. However, it is still a loss. My own father is suffering with the same illness, and so I understand a bit of what Cliff is going through. On a brighter note, I am looking forward to seeing many of you over the coming festive period. You may wish to travel to Rothley on the 29th November for the turning on of the Christmas Lights. Tony and Julie are turning the lights on, and we shall be doing a Cliff music slot as well! It all kicks off about 6pm, so you may wish to book early to get accomodation near here. God bless you all very much, and thanks for being a Friend of Cliff…As If. Love, WILL x

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