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Hi dear fans and friends,

Today is Saturday 27th Septmeber 2008, and I thought I would just bring you some highlights of the latest news from the Cliff…As If HQ.

We had some very good news this week. Tony Wadsworth from BBC Radio Leicester has been able to arrange a meeting with Cliff in October. This is very exciting as it will be the first chance to tell him about Cliff…As If, and hopefully get his blessing for what we do. I’ll try to get lots of pictures that we can post on this web site. Linked in with all of this is my forthcoming interview on BBC Radio Leicester at 10.30ish on Friday 3rd October about Cliff and Cliff…As If. You can tune in by going to You can also tune in to Cliff’s interview in London 12pm to 2pm on12th October by going to 

I have been invited to take part in a Christmas video for a song called CLIFFMAS. It has been produced and directed by a band called ‘The Double Deckers’ who are all big Cliff fans. If things work out then I will probably get it posted on this site as the first video offering that we have been able to post.

Cliff…As If now has a posting on Facebook. Just type in ‘Cliff As If’ and you should have no trouble locating it. Through this I am able to update almost every other day with news and also list the events that we are involved in.

You can also find a list of gigs on the Cliff…As If My Space web site, plus through Premier Promotions ( ). I would just like to thank Marilyn for all of the kind support that she has shown in promoting Cliff..As If. Xanadu Entertainments Agency have also been very supportive and we have seen quite a significant growth in the ‘CliffOgram’ service that we offer.

 The coming autumn and winter months see Cliff…As If travel as far south as Plymouth, and as near by as our local village Rothley. The schedule is busy and exciting. We can’t wait to meet everyone. The summer months have been full of different experiences. The shows have been well received. Thanks to Elvis (DP) for helping me out occasioanally, and also the the UpBeatles for being such good friends and inviting me to be a part of their charity events.

Finally, I thank God every day for being able to do this. Christ gives me all the strength I need to get through, and without Him I could do nothing. I hope the very best for all my fans and friends, and look foward as always to meeting up with you again in the near future.

Until then, God richly bless you. Lots of love, Will  

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