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Hi to all of you who are reading my latest blog. I’m using this rare opportunity to update as my feet hardly touch the ground these days. Life and work have become so exciting and busy in recent times. I hope that I can even manage to think of all the things I need to tell you!

I’ll begin with the very latest and most important news. Claire and I finally tied the knot recently and enjoyed two wonderful ceremonies. Firstly our official wedding day at our home in Norfolk and secondly our wedding blessing ceremony at St Francis of Assisi Church in Port Grimaud, south of France. The two events were both memorable and beautiful in their own special way. Both of us would like to thank all those who sent us all manner of well wishes via the post or on the internet.

The world of ‘Cliff As If’ continues to go from strength to strength. The show has developed somewhat with a host of new material that I have at my disposal. I’ve teamed up recently with Paul and Wendy Marshall who have been providing me with amazing tailor-made backing tracks at their studio in Cheshire. Through their expertise I’ve been able to put together some great effects for my Cliff tribute performances. The comments from people who have seen my shows have been very positive and encouraging.

The Cliffagram service is continuing to grow and since this year began there has been a surge in bookings for them. All have been very well received and the amazing this is how people in the main really believe the real Cliff Richard has entered the room! I’ve been booked to do Cliffagrams at Clubs, restaurants, businesses, on board boats, at registry offices, hotels, race courses, football clubs, houses and backyards, even the odd mansion. The variety is amazing as are the people I get to meet. Long may Cliffagrams go on.

I’ve worked with some amazing people so far this year including Peter Day, Scott Dee, Alvin Printwhistle, John Montague and his band, the Shad-Ohs, and my friend and one of the most amazing guitarists I have ever known Nick McNulty. Working with such professional musicians and great people gives me all the inspiration I need to continue on with ‘Cliff As If’. So while I am on the subject of working with other people I can tell you about a new exciting project that I’m working on. It all began in 2014 when I warmed up for Alvin Stardust at the Lincolnshire Showground just three weeks before he very sadly passed away. At the event I was fortunate to meet David Harness (Alvin’s tour manager) and we became good friends very quickly. A couple of months after Alvin died David called me about working with Alvin’s band on a new project. I really got excited about this as I had been working on a new idea for my musical future for a little while and was wondering how I could make it happen. So here was the opportunity. Despite my resemblance to Sir Cliff (of which I am very proud) people have also said for many years that I reminded them of Marty Wilde too. I always thought I’d like to try my hand at doing a MW tribute but couldn’t see how. But now the opportunity has come through meeting David and Alvin’s band who are all really keen on the project. We have come up with a touring event called, “The Widle Rock n Roll Show” and although these are early days in its development things are progressing nicely. As soon as I have more details I’ll update on this blog page.

As you may know ‘Cliff As If’ continues to support various charities. Our main charitable organisation for present is the East Anglian Children’s Hospice and so far this year we have raised over £2000 through varying events. Other charities have benefited too from the shows of ‘Cliff As If’ and this kind of thing is something that is at the heart of everything we do.

The trips abroad have been great fun as usual and this year we have experienced in some parts soaring temperatures like never before. At one show in Spain it was 37c in the late evening while I was on stage. I literally had to peel my costumes off after each performance as it was so hot. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be back in Cyprus the last week of January 2016 for three shows.

Like thousands of Sir Cliff Richard fans, Claire and I are really excited about his 75th Birthday tour, which begins later this month. We can’t wait to see the show as it promises to be very special indeed. Cliff is amazing and the way he has continued to hold his head high and press on despite the ludicrous allegations against him is a credit to him and those who surround and support him. I am proud to be waving the flag for Sir Cliff through my work with ‘Cliff As If’ and I’ll be shouting and singing at the top of my voice when he is performing live on stage. I am very pleased that he has released his song ‘Golden’ because I’ve been performing it for the past 5 years. It is a fantastic ballad and the fans love it to bits. It’s also good to see that it is on the BBC Radio 2 A list of songs. Like most people I’ll be glad when this whole pathetic allegation business is done and dusted and Cliff will be cleared. It’s gone on far too long now. In the meantime we will keep trusting, praying and believing for the best possible outcome and continue to love and support our man Sir Cliff Richard.

For now I would like to express my deepest gratitude as always to all those who keep up with the world of ‘Cliff As If’ by attending shows, sharing your thoughts and supporting all that we do. I really could not do what I do without you. #teamcliff are fantastic. A huge thank you also to the agents and venues that continue to show faith in the work of ‘Cliff As If’. To those who surround me with love and encouragement each day I cannot say anymore than I thank the Lord for all you do for me.

Until the next blog,


Will x

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