Hey thank you for looking in to see  this blog.

First of all can I apologise for leaving it so long to update. Since my last post in May there have been so many shows and events to attend to along with some family stuff, that I have hardly had the time to sit down and write.

I am currently on the Costa Blanca in Spain in the middle of a sell out tour of resorts and clubs promoted by Jukebox Legends. It has been quite a summer, sadly some of it affected by the awful weather we have been experiencing in the UK. Fortunately for me only one of my events was cancelled, but I know lots of my fellow artists have suffered too.

I have done many shows around the UK and also lots of Cliffagrams, which remain to be very popular indeed. I have been involved with Cliff lookalike events, something I always get a kick out of.

The bookings contiune to flow in for the rest of 2012 and 2013. Every Saturday date this year is now booked up but there are still a few Fridays and Sundays remaining. It looks like I’ll be back in Spain for the first two weeks of June 2013.

The next Cliff Gospel event is at Birstall Methodist Church near Leicester on Saturday 3rd November. Next year I am pleased to tell you that Simon Goodall and I are teaming up for more tribute shows for the Christian church scene.

On a personal level I have had to make a few changes to my location but hopefully that is only temporary. My faith remains strong even though my heart fails me at times. Life has a way of throwing stuff that is unpleasant at you. But I have learned that the Lord is my strength and He will see us all of through the darkest times. As Cliff sang in that old hymn, “What a Friend we have in Jesus.”

The future of ‘Cliff As If’ is bright and exciting. I know that I have a lot of support from regular followers and plenty of encouragement from Cliff fans and other people who have seen my shows. Being a Cliff Tribute is such a privilege indeed, and looking like Sir certainly helps.

Thank you for all your letters and comments. Keep em coming! I look forward to hearing from you soon and don’t forget that to book or make an enquiry just fill in the form on this web site. I will be very pleased to help.

You can now keep updated with all my shows and events and daily updates on Twitter.

Best wishes,

Will Chandler


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