Here is some exciting news for all Cliff fans and churches that run outreach events. After a successful season of Cliff…As If Christmas pop-gospel shows, which in part included Simon Goodall, it has been decided that in 2012 the Christmas pop-gospel shows will be a joint venture between Will Chandler (Cliff…As If) and Simon Goodall (the Voice of Cliff) and it will be called The ‘It’s A Boy’ tour after Simon’s own well known and amazing Christmas song, which Cliff Richard released back in 2003 as a part of his Santa’s List CD.

Publicity will be available soon for church groups but if you want any information immediately then please send us a message here at ‘Cliff…As If’ on the contact page.

Simon and Will are both very excited about this project and it is hoped that as many churches as possible will book early as it will be very popular.

Thank you for looking in today.

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