Great Joy at The Fake Festivals

Hey Friends and Fans, I have now completed 2 Fake Festivals and they have been wonderful to attend. It has been great to perform and be a part of the Lookalike gang. I never had so many requests for photographs in my whole life. I’d like to thank Jez Lee who manages the festivals for inviting me along, and also my dear friends Colin (Pavarotti) and Andy (Simon Cowell)  for helping me to be a part of the lookalike scene in the first instance. Also for my new friends Beanie, Chubby and Jim Royal who have helped me feel right at home amidst a very new experience.

I would also like to give thanks once again for all of the love and messages of support that I have received over the recent passing away of my dear old dad, and other sad events that have taken place in my life recently. Especially Nigel (Elton) and Pavarotti for being with me at the funeral service on the Wirral. The warmth that I have felt has been overwhelming over the past few difficult months.

Finally, a big thank you to my new mum Liz and partner Richard out in the Algarve for the lovely new friendship and fellowship that we have. I know that much of my future in the Algarve still hangs in the balance, but God willing it will all fit nicely into place soon.

Love and blessings to all x  

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  1. Sheena on July 23, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    I saw you in the Algarve last week. I really thought you were Cliff. I was amazed at how you look and sound so much like him. Thanks for singing for me and the girls. You were fab. Lol xx

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