Glastonbudget – A Response

Today I have received my 15th e mail in regard to the Glastonbudget Festival that takes place in May. I felt that I need to get out a response publicly because there seems to be a rumour going around that I am going to be there and play some small part, when there is in fact no truth in the matter. I have not had absolutley any contact with Glastonbudget recently and never have done so. I did have a converstaion about it recently with a member of the Beatles tribute band ‘Beat That’ who I have performed with a few times, but that is all. They have their own set to do, which is a big thing for them being a relatively newly formed band, and I don’t suppose that they need playing for me to add to the pressure. As things stand, I will not be appearing at GBudget, and I don’t suppose that at this late stage I will be asked to. If anything changes I will post a message on my blog. I also know that some of you are disappointed about the cancellation of the Birtsall gig because you were not able to get tickets for the gig in Syston this weekend coming. But do not worry. There are new gigs coming up all of the time, so keep watching my gig list on Thanks for your continued support. I am genuinely touched by all those who love Cliff…As If. Your well wishing messages mean so much. Yours as always, Will x 

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