Cliff…As If – London Date… oh, And The One and Only Show

It has been confirmed that I will be soon appearing on stage and on radio in London this year. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the planning of these events, I am unable to divulge the full information, so watch this space to find out more. As soon as I am able I shall tell all. As for my brief appearance on BBC last Saturday night on the One and Only; I would like my fans and friends to know that I was auditioned, but it seemed clear that they were going for people who were not too experienced in Tribute (as is quite apparent). I was unhappy at the outcome, as I felt that after two auditions I was going to get through. But after seeing the show I am glad that I didn’t. Respect to all the great tribute acts that also seem to have been brushed aside. I hope they are glad they were not picked also. Here’s to a great future for us all. Love, Will x

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