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Many of Sir's fans have been delighted and surprised by their loved ones at birthday parties when Will arrives as Sir Cliff and sings a song or two - our nationwide CLIFFAGRAMservice is one of the most sought-after surprises for Cliff fans! The amazement on their faces when Will walks in is wonderful, as they often really do believe that the real Cliff has come to see them!

The Cliff Richard singing telegram, or CLIFFAGRAM service is unique to Cliff .. As If and is the perfect present and surprise for Cliff Richard fans celebrating any type of event.

it has been booked for weddings, birthdays, retirement do's, hen parties, anniversaries and even store openings. In fact the CLIFFAGRAM service has been used just as an excuse to have some fun - and why not?

The exciting news is that we are expanding the geographical area of the service, making it available right across the UK - so now we can come to you!

Ready for a Cliffagram!

So, if you are planning a surprise or a special event and would like to have the Cliff .. As If CLIFFAGRAM as part of your celebrations

Cliff as if

Cliff goes back to school

A Clifftastically personal show for Sue on her hen do in Woking, organised as a surprise by her fantastic friends at the school where she works.

The CLIFFAGRAM service includes up to six Cliff songs and plenty of comedy as Will does his lighthearted impersonation of Sir Cliff Richard.

He makes a big fuss of the person or people celebrating as well as presenting beautiful blooms to the lucky lady (usually.. !)

As for costs, well it all depends on where the event is being held, but here at Cliff...As If we make every effort to keep our services as cost-effective as possible.