Cliff Richard Look-alike Appearances

Hi and thank you for looking into the blog today. As Sir Cliff would say, “it’s FANTASTIC!”

This year more than ever there will be plenty of Look-alike appearances around the UK and abroad for me. It seems that companies, especially in the drink and wine industry are seeing the benefit of having a good Cliff look-alike at events such as exhibitions and festivals.

It is difficult to list all of the venues where I’ll be as I am booked sometimes with a few days notice. However, if the opportunity arises to let you know then I will endeavour to do so.

I think that doing the Cliff Richard look-alike work is second only to doing Popsel in what I really enjoy doing the most as a Cliff tribute. The looks on faces when people see me and then hear me impersonate Cliff’s voice is so funny. As you can imagine there have been countless photos taken. I have had many good reports from the organisations that have used me to pomote their business.

So, please keep a look out for me as I may just be in a store, an exhibition or restaurant near you!

Best wishes to all of my friends and regular supporters who follow my work as ‘Cliff…As If’.

“Power to all my friends!”


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